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Glasgow H3 On-line Shop

Currently, the shop is open in a limited way as the only means of payment and delivery is before or after the hash run. You can order your goods here and arrangements will be made. A wider choice of payment and delivery is being developed.

Click on an item for more details

Blue Skyline Round Neck (unisex)
[S M L - £15 ]
Blue Bagpipe Technical T
[XL - £12 ]
Orange Bagpipe Technical T
[S XL - £12 ]
Green Bagpipe Technical T
[S M XL - £12 ]
Red Skyline Hoody
[L - £16 ]
Blue Skyline Hoody
[L - £16 ]
Black Skyline Hoody
[L XL - £16 ]
Navy Skyline Hoody
[M - £16 ]
Blue Skyline Technical T (women's)
[XL - £10 ]
Royal Blue Skyline Technical T (men's)
[S - £10 ]
Navy Skyline Technical T (men's)
[M - £10 ]
Navy Skyline Technical T (women's)
[S M - £10 ]
30 Year Technical T (men's)
[L - £10 ]
Red Skyline Round Neck (unisex)
[S M L - £15 ]
Grey Skyline Round Next (unisex)
[M XL - £15 ]
Black Skyline Round Neck (unisex)
[L - £15 ]
Navy Skylie Round Neck (unisex)
[L - £15 ]
Blurry Green Skyline Round Neck (unisex)
[L - £15 ]
Turquoise Skyline Round Neck (unisex)
[S M L - £15 ]
Miles Wetter Round Neck Grey
[L - £15 ]
Miles Wetter Cotton T Grey
[M L - £8 ]
[One size fits all - £2 ]
Beer Mat
[One size fits all
Free wtih any other order]

Next Run

Monday 25 October
Bon Accord, 153 North Street
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The Scottish Government has imposed restrictions on the gathering of groups due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your mismangement has put together a set of protocols to ensure we comply with these restrictions. Please read them and stick by them while you're hashing. Click on the heading to see them.