Hares wanted for 18th December onwards.
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Details of Run 2082

Date Venue Hare
Sunday 4 February
@ 12:00
Burns Supper Sunday run - starting venue TBAGh3

Nearest Station Special Comments
This is the Burns Supper weekend Sunday run

Hashers Coming

These are the people currently booked on to the run. Things may change between now and the start of the run.

Number Name Runner/Walker
1 Cumming Again N/A
2 Hairspray N/A
3 Rug Rat N/A
4 BMI Baby N/A
5 Attaché N/A
6 Audrey N/A
7 Stand and Deliver N/A
8 Tiny Bubbles N/A
9 Cock a Poodle Doo N/A
10 Bruce Almighty N/A
11 Hughie Blaaaaagghhrrr N/A
12 Mad Duster N/A
13 Ridiculous Allsort N/A
14 Paralytic N/A
15 Kipper N/A
16 Glaury Hole N/A
17 Mongoose N/A
18 Gin Bin N/A
19 McCavity N/A
20 Bodsa N/A
21 Ride of the Valkyries N/A
22 Ballerina N/A
23 Annie Bollox N/A
24 Silent Pants N/A
25 Clementine N/A
26 Oral Sex N/A
27 Tutti Fruiti N/A
28 Fireflaps N/A
29 Icebreaker N/A
30 Pommie Knickers N/A
31 Hurty Botty (Megasaurarse) Run
32 Ciderman Walk
33 Jump Start N/A
34 Multi Tasking Tool N/A
35 Wildebeest N/A
36 Ayatollah N/A
37 Emu N/A
38 Bladerunner N/A
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Next Run

Sunday 10 December @ 12pm
The Kilderkin, 65 Cannongate, Edinburgh
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Your mismangement has put together a set of protocols to avoid unnecessarily spreading Covid-19. Please read them and stick by them while you're hashing. Click on the heading to see them.