Hares wanted for 18th December onwards.
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Details of Run 2063

Date Venue Hares
Saturday 14 October
@ 12:00
Black Bull, 3 West Princes St., Rothesay
What 3 Words= bank.scatters.crib
Glaury Hole and Kipper

Nearest Station Special Comments
Wemyss Bay (a ferry ride away) This is the Arran weekend run.Catch the 9.50 train from Glasgow Central to Wemyss Bay and the ferry from there to Rothesay. Combined tickets are available from railway stations. After the run we will have some lunch at the On Inn. The pub would like have your menu choices a week before the run starts (i.e. by 7 October). Click here to see the menu options. Please send us your choice(s) by entering them in the "Any additional message" box or by replying to your confirmation email when you sign up for the run.

Hashers who attended

Number Name Runner/Walker
1 Silent Pants N/A
2 Cumming Again Run
3 Bladerunner Run
4 Stand and Deliver N/A
5 Kipper Run
6 Audrey Run
7 BMI Baby Walk
8 Ride of the Valkyries Walk
9 Glaury Hole Run
10 McCavity Run
11 Pommie Knickers Run
12 Fux Funny Walk
13 Clementine Walk
14 Rug Rat Run
15 Hairspray Run
16 Hughie Blaaaaagghhrrr Run
17 Split Sausage Run
18 Teflon Run
19 Delta Piglet Walk

Next Run

Sunday 10 December @ 12pm
The Kilderkin, 65 Cannongate, Edinburgh
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Your mismangement has put together a set of protocols to avoid unnecessarily spreading Covid-19. Please read them and stick by them while you're hashing. Click on the heading to see them.