Hares wanted for 18th December onwards.
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Details of Run 2062

Date Venue Hares
Monday 9 October
@ 7pm
Stables, Glasgow Bridge, Kirkintilloch
What 3 Words= feeds.tools.moving
Cock a Poodle Doo and Kipper

Nearest Station Special Comments
None, but on the 89 bus route. Torches recommended.

Hashers who attended

Number Name Runner/Walker
1 Cock a Poodle Doo Walk
2 Kipper N/A
3 Bladerunner Run
4 Cumming Again Run
5 Attaché Run
6 BMI Baby Walk
7 Ride of the Valkyries Walk
8 Audrey Run
9 Glaury Hole Run
10 Silent Pants Run
11 Clementine Walk
12 Hughie Blaaaaagghhrrr Walk

Next Run

Sunday 10 December @ 12pm
The Kilderkin, 65 Cannongate, Edinburgh
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