Hares wanted for 18th December onwards.
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Details of Run 2037

Date Venue Hares
Saturday 29 April
@ 12:00
Bon Accord, 153 North Street, Charing Cross
What 3 Words= money.lies.never
Glaury Hole and Silent Pants

Nearest Station Special Comments
Charing Cross (150m) Special run in honour of Pirelli (RIP) - circus comedian dress optional

Hashers who attended

Number Name Runner/Walker
1 Glaury Hole N/A
2 Silent Pants N/A
3 Kipper Run
4 Audrey Run
5 Cumming Again Run
6 Barcode Run
7 Ride of the Valkyries N/A
8 The Brewer Walk
9 Oral Sex Walk
10 Headless Mullet Walk
11 Stand and Deliver Walk
12 Hairspray Run
13 Rug Rat Run
14 Dr Livingstone I Presume Run
15 Attaché Run
16 Off Piste Run
17 Pommie Knickers Run
18 A N Other Walk
19 Flying Dutchman Run
20 Hughie Blaaaaagghhrrr Run
21 Split Sausage Walk
22 Emu Walk
23 Mongoose Run
24 Clementine Walk
25 Bo Run
26 Radar Walk
27 PAT Run
28 Gin & Vomit Run
29 Fux Funny Walk
30 Hash Baby Robinson N/A
31 Vital Spark Run
32 Temptation Walk
33 Bladerunner Run
34 Ms Blobby Walk
35 Olymprick Walk
36 Muff Diver N/A
37 Tubthumper N/A
38 Mrs Myf Walk
39 Audrey Wright Run
40 Mad Shagger Walk
41 Tommygun Walk
42 Advent N/A
43 Pinup N/A
44 Pocket Callander N/A
45 Septic Sporran Run

Next Run

Sunday 10 December @ 12pm
The Kilderkin, 65 Cannongate, Edinburgh
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