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Details of Run 1957

Date Venue Hare(s)
Saturday 16 October
@ 11am
Dunoon & Innellan
What 3 Words= hoops.nods.pounds
Kipper and Glaury Hole

Nearest Station Special Comments
Glasgow Central (not the nearest, but the train you need from here leaves at 9.25). Don't miss it! The Arran Weekend! A day out involving a run, two pubs and three modes of transport. What could go wrong?

Hashers who attended

Number Name Confirmed?
1 Kipper Yes
2 Glaury Hole Yes
3 BMI Baby Yes
4 Pirelli Yes
5 Hairspray Yes
6 Rug Rat Yes
7 Mongoose Yes
8 Gin Bin Yes
9 Audrey Yes
10 Coneseated Yes
11 Jacuzzi Susie Yes
12 Assaulty Dog Yes
13 Mimi Yes
14 Silent Pants Yes
15 Clementine Yes
16 Ride of the Valkyries Yes
17 Touch Down Queen Yes
18 Depth Charge jr Yes
19 McCavity Yes
20 Mad Duster Yes
21 Tongue lasher Yes

Next Run

Sunday 5 December
Behind the Wall, Falkirk
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