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KL InterHash 98
Rovers Report
(or the Rambling Memories of MarionJuana & Weed)

We missed all the pre-Interhash fever that no doubt affected the Glasgow/Trossachs InterHash contingent, but we were no less feverish at the thought of meeting up with you all in Kuala Lumpur. For us, going to KL was like stepping into a void. After 10 months in the United Arab Emirates, Scott's work had come to an end. A week in KL, followed by three weeks in Australia was as far ahead in time as we knew. After that, nothing.

Our journey to Malaysia was not without incident. On leaving Dubai we discovered that an Arabic month is not the same as a Gregorian month when it comes to visa requirements. That extra day was pretty expensive, but as they had not charged us for excess baggage (80kgs) I suppose we got off lightly. On board the plane we were seated right in the middle of the New York H3. The 14 hour flight from New York must have affected their hearing, 'cause no-one could understand a word we were saying. Scott gave up trying to communicate and went off down the aisle in search of more beer and someone to talk to. He found Demi Frog (Desert H3), and the rest is history.

I deliberately mention the New Yorkers because, as it transpired, they had not seen the last of us. Oh, no! Now they can understand us and probably will never forget us.

The Briefcase Incident

Marion: "Scott, where's the briefcase? Did you transfer it from the big bus to the minibus?"

Scott: "I can't remember. Can anyone see a black briefcase back there?"

Scott: "Driver, we have to go back to the bus station. I've left my briefcase (with all the money and important documents) on the other bus"

New Yorkers: "Shit##" "Goddamn!!!" "Sonofabitch!!!!######"

At the Bus Station

Scott: "Driver, I left my briefcase on your bus"

Driver: "No, Sir. Only the broken fishing rod, which you kindly gave me"

Marion: "Hand over the briefcase, or we call the police"

Driver: "Please, Ma'am, you check the minibus?"

On the Minibus

Marion: "Sorry, everyone, it was here all the time"

New Yorkers: "Stupid English f**##ers" "Drunken b**##*ds"

So, finally we arrived at our hotel. The Briefcase Incident, having delayed the final leg of the weary New Yorkers 22 hour journey, cost us a case of beer by way of an apology. But, we had bonded, and we all went to the Selangor Club for more bonding that evening/morning.


Selangor Club

We all know Mr. Nuisance has a way with women, right? Unfortunately his advances did not impress Miss California, some half- naked American lass, who had her own method for deterring unwanted suitors. This involved grabbing them on the neck and gouging out three long gashes, leaving blood dripping into their beer. It works, girls!! (Ed Note. Picture substitued to save John's blushes. Real picture will be inserted when I get it!)

General Pictures

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Peace, Brother, may the hashing force be with you. Weed, Scoop and Trolley Dolley trying to convince Peepers about the merits of beer over vodka.

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Peepers and Marionjuana proving there's more to Rambutans than their flavour.

Twonk enjoying a rare moment and no doubt reminiscing about……who knows?

Marionjuana ordering a beer at the bar, and making history in a club where women and children have not been allowed in the bar for 60 years.

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Bar Code renewing old acquaintances. This hasher recently ran with Glasgow, confirming how small the Hashing world is.

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 Merdeka Square. Peaceful during our visit.

The Stadium 

Merdeka Stadium was appointed as the place to meet up with the other Glasgow/Trossachs hashers. It was awash with hashers but no trouble spotting the tartan trews and Scottish saltires.  

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 The Hash Acts

Paul in Kilt2.jpg (16412 bytes)

Is there anybody out there?

Paul naked2.jpg (14516 bytes)

Trolley Dolley exposed

Chair Act2.jpg (17194 bytes)

How did they do that?

Ladyboys2.jpg (18300 bytes)

"I can't believe they're not women"

A Virgin in Oslo2.jpg (12038 bytes)

A "virgin" in Oslo

Who's that with the bouncing bazookas?

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