InterHash Tasmania 2000

These are a few photos taken by myself in Tassie February 2000. An excellent InterHash even if the runs were too bloody long (GOA take note!). Even Howard from Aberdeen complained!

Barcode 26 March 2001 (yep only 1 year or so to get these photos on the web!)

The Red Dress Run

t_hobart_harbour.JPG (9220 bytes) t_girls_reddress.JPG (10586 bytes) t_st_redresss.JPG (11489 bytes) t_ron_reddress.JPG (9549 bytes)
Hobart Harbour from our hotel Blobby, Sharnie & MrsMyf Me (in there somewhere) Relaxing after a few pints
t_myf_redress.JPG (7185 bytes) t_sick&dbag.JPG (5782 bytes) t_ruby_redress.JPG (9824 bytes) t_worldrecord rdrun.JPG (11104 bytes)
Wee Miffy Sick Boy & Doggy Bag Nice chest Graeme! A world record
Red Dress Run
Day / Run 1
t_run1_wmb.JPG (9749 bytes) t_sg_lumber.JPG (10973 bytes) t_group.JPG (8789 bytes) t_annabel_bus.JPG (7952 bytes)
A few weel kent faces SG gets a lumber! Val & co at the circle Wildebeest entertains the troops on the bus
t_champagne.JPG (7140 bytes) t_doug_ann_ruby.JPG (7127 bytes) t_sex_sick_ken.JPG (7081 bytes) t_nicky_teresa.JPG (6139 bytes)
Champagne on the opening night Nuryev, Wildebeest and Ruby SG, SickBoy and The Ayatollah Teresa & Niki with her clothes on!
Day / Run 2
t_carlton beach surf.JPG (5397 bytes) t_the check.JPG (5890 bytes) t_london hashers.JPG (9666 bytes)

t_ken lotion!.JPG (9092 bytes)

Carlton Beach OnInn trail. THE check on the run - yes that's right! THE only F'ng check! London Hashers FD in a funny hat, as Ken tries to blot out his face.
t_circle myf.JPG (8669 bytes)

t_stephen on bin.JPG (8185 bytes)


t_alan_annabel.JPG (8077 bytes)

Miffy enjoying the circle Me with a beer. Niki in the buff!

Alan Miller spouts
forth. What? Alan??

That's all folks. All in all an excellent IH. OnOn to Goa2002 and Cardiff 2004!

For a reasonable bribe, I can supply pictures of Niki in the buff! Equally, for a better
bribe, I can leave them censored - Niki??