Ian (007) Fleming

26th March 1937 - 12th July 2000

007_3.JPG (29952 bytes) 007 first Hashed with Glasgow on run 49, at Overtoun House Milton, on 11th August 1986. He was home on leave from India, where he worked for much of his life with Coats Viyella.

He put in a few more guest appearances before his retiral brought him back to Glasgow in 1996. His first ‘regular’ Hash appearance home was his run 5, and GH3’s run number 598 (1/2/97) at The Beefeater Paisley, with Pirelli as hare.

In between consultancy roles, he was a regular Hasher thereafter and broke his personal 50 runs barrier on run 720, 26th April 1999.

Curiously his first hare for GH3 (run 665 on 11/5/98) was a joint effort with Pirelli from The Honours Three. The trail was set from two cars!, and even Septic was forced to declare this ‘the worst half marathon ever!’

007 managed to set three more runs, each in the guise of an expat style ‘revenge’ run. He revelled in making the trails long and tough, and lost Scaredy at one trail (run 736, JJ Booths), for almost three hours!

His last hare was also his last run with GH3, number 775 from the Stoat n’ Ferret on 17/4/00.

007 has now gone to the big ON-INN in the sky, and is sadly missed.

Total 65 Runs, 4 Hares.

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Barcode, GH3 Hashtorian, 6th Nov 00