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GH3 Trail Venues from 2010 Onwards

Here's where we've been for the past 11 years of so.

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Run No Date Start Point Link to Write Up (if there is one) Link to Photos (if there is one)
185931/12/2018Audrey's House
185824/12/2018Bon Accord
185717/12/2018The Laurieston Bar
185610/12/2018Allison Arms
185509/12/2018Raven, Glasgow
185403/12/2018Lismore, Glasgow
185326/11/2018BrewDog, Kelvinhall
185224/11/2018Kipper's House
185119/11/2018Jenny Burn, Glasgow
185012/11/2018Bon Accord
184905/11/2018Queen of the Loch, Balloch
184829/10/2018An Ruadh Ghleann, Rutherglen
184722/10/2018Lovatt, Glasgow
184615/10/2018Sir John Stirling Maxwell
184513/10/2018Osborne, Innellan
184408/10/2018St Louis Cafe Bar
184301/10/2018Talbot, Milngavie
184224/09/2018The Bank, Muirend
184117/09/2018The Rock
184016/09/2018Mamak Malaysian Restaurant
183910/09/2018Cathkin Braes
183803/09/2018The Ashton, Helensburgh
183727/08/20181901/The Burrel/Boyd Roderick
183620/08/2018Capelrig, Newton Mearns
183513/08/2018Renton Station
183406/08/2018Callum's, Johnstone
183223/07/2018Old Smiddy, Cathcart
183116/07/2018Bank St Bar
183009/07/2018The Lincoln
182902/07/2018The White House
182825/06/2018Cochno Hill
182718/06/2018Tickled Trout
182611/06/2018Neilston Pad
182504/06/2018George, Hamilton
182428/05/2018Vulcan, Coatbridge
182321/05/2018Clockwork Beer Co, Cathcart Road
182214/05/2018St Luke's of the Winged Ox
182107/05/2018Capt. James Lang
1820B06/05/2018Greig Street Bridge, Inverness
182030/04/20181901/The Burrel/Boyd Roderick
181923/04/2018Three Craws, Jordan Hill
181816/04/2018St Louis Cafe Bar
181709/04/2018Three Judges
181602/04/2018Hay Stook, East Kilbride
181526/03/2018Bon Accord
181419/03/2018Babbity Bowster
181312/03/2018Old Plane Tree, Darnley
181205/03/2018Three Craws, Jordan Hill
181126/02/2018Clockwork Beer Co, Cathcart Road
181019/02/2018Cross Stobbs Inn, Barrhead
180912/02/2018Burnbrae, Bearsden
180805/02/2018Callum's, Johnstone
180729/01/2018Allison Arms
180622/01/2018The Rock
180515/01/20181901/The Burrel/Boyd Roderick
180408/01/2018An Ruadh Ghleann, Rutherglen
180301/01/2018Barronshaugh Nature Reserve
180011/02/2018George & Abbotsford, Melrose
179910/02/2018George & Abbotsford, Melrose

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