Girvan Hash House Harriers

Inaugural Run 8/9/10 August 1997

Al Gee, aka Four Star was instrumental in setting up the latest Scottish Hash Chapter. The inaugural run of the Girvan Hash was the weekend of 8/9/10 August 1997.

Four Star in

a typical pose!

Around 20 or so hashers turned out for a weekend of contrast.

Saturday was a drizzly rainy day, which gave plenty of opportunity for shiggy. A huge mound of sandwiches at the On-Inn was helped down with a few beers. Due to the inclement weather the Hash reposed to another pub to drink away the afternoon. Saturday evening at 4 Stars saw Barcode sleeping off excesses from a long business trip that week, Mimi spill about half a litre of red wine over the carpet, and Trolley Dolly stripping off and attempting to shag Auntie before being dragged off by Scoop.

Prior to that there was an attempt to practise the Trossachs/Glasgow Nash Hash cabaret. The rehearsal was totally successful, as the cabaret turned out to be an old style Hash disaster on the night.

Sunday was a scorcher of a day with a fairly short run split in the middle with a pub stop and a short sunbathe at the Harbour. After finishing off the beer and food from the night before, the Hash made their way back to their various abodes.

Congratulations go to 4 Star for setting up a new Hash Chapter in a beautiful area of Scotland, and for hosting a good weekend enjoyed by all.

Unfortunately, Girvan Hash is now extinct!

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