Hares wanted for 18th March onwards.
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GH3 Mismanagement

The Hash Mismangement and their email contact details are given the table below.

Position Name Email
Grand Mastter Bmi baby
Religious Adviser Cumming Again
Hare Raiser Silent Pants silent.pants@glasgowh3.co.uk
Social Media Guru Off Piste off.piste@glasgowh3.co.uk
Hash Cash Kipper kipper@glasgowh3.co.uk
Hash Haberdash Glaury Hole glaury.hole@glasgowh3.co.uk
Joint On Sec & Everything Else Audrey audrey@glasgowh3.co.uk
Joint On Sec, & Everything else Bladerunner

Next Run

Monday 4 March @ 7pm
Dr LIP & Off Piste's house.
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Your mismangement has put together a set of protocols to avoid unnecessarily spreading Covid-19. Please read them and stick by them while you're hashing. Click on the heading to see them.