The 10th UK Nash Hash

Photos - Opening Ceremony

open_hoggie_tmb.JPG (4619 bytes) open_jamie_tmb.JPG (4435 bytes) billy_opening_tmb.JPG (3732 bytes) open_gjoinin_tmb.JPG (4937 bytes)
Hoggie leads the singing .. you take the high road ... ... and I'll tak the low road ...with Jamie Mr Creosote announces 'Let the drinking commence!' Party time
open_girls_tmb.JPG (6572 bytes) open_myf_tmb.JPG (6608 bytes) Bottoms Up tmb.jpg (5127 bytes) open_ah3_tmb.JPG (6056 bytes)
and again and again oh, and by the way ...
Welcome to Scotland!
Now .. what was that Aberdeen song about again?

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