NH99 - The Runs

Run # 1 Aberdeen H3 Location:- Kinlochard

The Ballbreaker Hares: Wild Local, Hippo, Rocket, Joy Boy, Pig Pen, 2am, JC, FiFi & Tonto RA‘s: Sat Wild Local; Sun Joy Boy

This was the big one, as the name suggests. The Aberdeen Hash don’t do anything by halves, and this run was no exception. An A to B run finishing at the site.

Run # 2 Edinburgh H3 Location:- Ben Ledi Forest

The Ben Ledi Breezer Hares: Mad Duster, Ayatollah, The Brewer, Right Hand, Swivel & KD RA: Rusty Knob

The Ben Ledi forest area of the QEFP lies just west of the picturesque town of Callander and at the southern end of Loch Lubnaig. The spectacular views were enhanced by the great weather we enjoyed on the Saturday.

Run # 3 Cairneyhill & DAFT H3’s. Location:- The Trossachs Inn

The Fairy Forest Run Hares: Zebedee, Noddy, PB, Oxford, BO & Hashimoto RA: Oxford

So called because the trail ran over ‘The Fairy Knowe’ and then onto The Ministrie, a heavily wooded area. There was plenty of water hazards and lots of shiggy. An exciting A to B run in a natural forest environment.

Run # 4 Trossachs H3 Location:- Callander

A Kick in the Trossachs Hares: Scoop, Trolly Dolly, Mr Uxorious, Postie, Oink & Mimi RA: Trolly Dolly

This run started in Callander, the metropolis of The Trossachs. TH3 provided a uniquely Scottish run featuring ewes, views, loos and a wee bit of hill and glen, at the heart of Rob Roy country.

Run #5 Hamilton H3 Location:- Achray Forest

The Four Seasons Run Hares: Molly, Gonzo, Statto, Henpecked RA: Doon Doon

H4 provided everything - four seasons of weather (particularly on the Sunday), an optional (not) swim or ride in a boat, and entertainment in the form of Gonzo demonstrating why you shouldn't kick a wasps nest!

Run # 6 Glasgow H3 Location:- Mugdock Country Park

The Mugdock Castles Hares: Paw Broon, Septic Sporran, Scaredy Custard RA: Showman

Mugdock Country Park, one of the original and best areas of Glasgow Hashing territory. There were several ruined buildings / castles en-route, viewpoints. and some serious shiggy. The Sunday run was oversubscribed due to the detour to the Glengoyne Distillery.

Run # 7 Glasgow H3 Location:- Braeval Forest

Braeval Bravehearts Hares: Pirelli, IronMan, Culture-Vulture & Shirt-Lifter RA: Hoggie

A superb run featuring on the official NH99 video (ref Clepto). Notable for spectacular views and Hoggies RA stint on the Saturday.

Run # 8 TNT H3 Location:- Balmaha, Loch Lomond

The Bonnie Bonnie Banks Run Hares: Vaseline Queen, Mint Sauce, Hot Tits, Spermbank & Nuryev RA: Big Bollox

Always destined to be THE run of the weekend, and oversubscribed both days. An unforgettable run! Enough said.

Monday's Run TNT H3 Location:- From the Site

The Clean Shoes Run Hares: Fuzzy Wuzzy, Dweeb, Leper Mouse, X-Files, Caprice & Silent Pants RA: Bureau-Prat

A ‘mass start’ from the site in the pissing rain - a glorious finish in beautiful sunshine. An excellent hangover run to end the 'athletic' activities for the weekend. All that was left was for the gorilla to be arrested and we were off home.

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