The 10th UK Nash Hash

Photos - EH3 Run

eh3_pack_tmb.JPG (7023 bytes) eh3_view_tmb.JPG (5740 bytes) eh3_view2_tmb.JPG (5788 bytes) eh3_beerstop_tmb.JPG (7742 bytes)
Val bores the pack before the run! What a view! and the sun had his hat on a welcome beer stop
eh3_founder_tmb.JPG (6739 bytes) jamie_tmb.JPG (6327 bytes) eh3_hares_tmb.JPG (6718 bytes) eh3_alanmiller_tmb.JPG (6308 bytes)
EH3 founder Tony Case Jamie - can't keep him down The hares Alan Miller - lost for words?? No!

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