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The 10th UK Nash Hash

27-30 Aug 99

Hosted by Glasgow H3

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Nash Hash 99, the 10th UK Nash Hash, was hosted by Glasgow Hash at Dounans Centre near the village of Aberfoyle, between 27th - 30th August 1999. With the support of the other Scottish Hashes you got a tip-top venue, first class real ales and wines, quality meals, and some of the most spectacular runs at any Nash Hash.  We are indebted to all our sponsors who supported us either financially, in kind or in services. See our acknowledgements page - use their products or services!

Weather? We had loads of it, from glorious sunshine, to pissing rain. We had a few casualties, such as Gonzo - Hamilton Hash - who played footy with a wasps nest but lived to tell the tale. There were some outstanding cabaret acts and we had superb MC's in the form of Hoggie and Jamie.

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The plaudits were many and vastly complimentary, a testament to the hard work that went into the event by the organisation committee.

The Runs

Some Photos courtesy Marionjuana, Charlie Tuck and, 007:-

Opening Ceremony Odd Sods 1 MSA's Party1 Party2
EH3 Run Odd Sods 2 Some GH3 Photos Cabaret Closing Ceremony

It is not my intention to cause offence or embarrassment (ha!) but if you are in any of the
pictures, and do not want it displayed, let me know. For the proper bribe (a pint of Lager) I'll remove it!

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