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The 2014
Commonwealth Hash
18 - 20 July 2014
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Brussels 2014
25 -27 July 2014

Read all about Beer Paradise here.

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Electronic Hash Trash

In keeping with our stated strategy and green credentials (and no Sick Boy that doesnt mean you have to support The Celtic), here is your splendid full colour, PDF magazine which you can store on your iThingbebob, print, or do what the feck you like.

This eTrash, which was designed by chief editor and GH3 Scribe Audrey to be printed A5 or two to an A4 page, gives you the low down on EVERYTHING you need to know about the weekend.

Let's be honest. You'll take one look at this, go “Hey, that's pretty cool” and then give it a good ignoring (at least until about a month after the event), and then on a whim, you open it up and find out what it was you should have known about, if you had read about it beforehand.

We suggest you read it PRIOR to coming to the event and particularly the Read This First section on pages 4 and 5!

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