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The 2014
Commonwealth Hash
18 - 20 July 2014
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The Event

The 2014 Commonwealth Hash event will be held in Glasgow on the weekend of 18 - 20 July 2014 and will be centred on the city with trails taking place in and out of town.


The main accomodation for the weekend is the Glasgow Youth Hostel - which consists of 2 connected Edwardian Town-houses located in the Park District of the City Centre (West). See more details under accomodation.

Evening Venue  for Friday and Saturday nights

The evening venue for the weekend is The Dining Room within Glasgow University Union.

The Dining Room can hold approximately 170 guests for dinner and not only boasts rich elegance but also has its own private bar. The fireplace and intimate setting makes this room ideal for dinners, dances, ceilidhs, wedding parties and other special occasions.

Ideal for the Hash!

Thursday 17th July 2014

On Thursday 17 July we have 2 great warm up events - a Whisky Tasting and a Red Dress Run. This will be the first Red Dress Run in Glasgow for 10 years and should not be missed.

Friday 18th July 2014

The event will officially open on the Friday evening with registration and welcome reception at the accomodation. This will be followed by a real pub crawl trail giving participants the opportunity to try some unusual whiskies and some of the splendid real ales for which the UK is famous.

After the trail you can party on back at our splendid evening venue, and thereafter if the mood takes you, go to Glasgow's nightclubs which are open most of the night and will supply ample opportunities to try and deepen the Glasgow gene puddle.

Saturday 19th July 2014

On Saturday we will make use of Glasgow's location, just south of Loch Lomond and as the gateway to the Highlands, to head into the hills for a day of trails and post trail festivities.

At night we are holding a Ceilidh - which is just a local word for party. Our theme for the night is National Dress* or Highland Dress - we figure if you are travelling a long way then you will have that sort of stuff in your bag anyway and do not have to pack specially for it.

* National Dress is either YOUR national dress or ours (ie kilts!) whichever takes your fancy!

Sunday 20th July 2014

Sunday we will have a hangover trail - with a decent length trail option for those who do not have a decent hangover.

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